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Trombone(s) or euphonium with percussion ensemble

AMERICAN PHOENIX (2001) for solo bass trombone (or tuba) and four percussion by Howard J. Buss was written for Stefan Sanders, bass trombonist with the Buffalo Philharmonic and the 30th Anniversary of the International Trombone Assn. This 3-movement work was composed following the world events of September 11, 2001. It was premiered by Mr. Sanders and members of the University of North Texas Percussion Ensemble at the 2002 International Trombone Festival in Denton, Texas. The 3 movements are: In Remembrance 9/11/01, Repercussions, and Renewal. Percussion Distribution - Percussion 1: Xylophone, tubular bells (chimes), suspended cymbal, snare drum, police whistle, and Chinese bell tree; Percussion 2: Vibes, 2 suspended cymbals, 4 tom toms, bongos, and wood block; Percussion 3: Marimba, tam-tam, lion roar, ratchet, slapstick, wind chimes, and suspended cymbal; Percussion 4: Marimba (to low A), timpani (4), tambourine, 2 cowbells, and suspended cymbal."Buss’ melodies vary. They are mystic, poignant, heroic, often modal, and at times reminiscent of folk songs. He writes for the percussion ensemble with mastery and features a wide range of instruments. The sound landscape is rich with many moods and timbres. American Phoenix is an attractive addition to a solo program or as a feature piece for a percussion recital. It is rewarding for both performer and audience.”- The ITA Journal, January 2005 (15’) Grade V. B375 $48.50 
Score sample: Mvt. 1 “In Remembrance” 9/11/01.pdf
Score sample: Mvt. 2 “Repercussions” .pdf
Score sample: Mvt. 3 “Renewal” .pdf
American Phoenix Sound Samples: Movement 1 (In Remembrance 9/11/01), Excerpt A.mp3;
Movement 1 (In Remembrance 9/11/01), Excerpt B.mp3; Movement 2 (Repercussions), Excerpt A.mp3;
Movement 2 (Repercussions), Excerpt B (the ending).mp3;
Movement 3 (Renewal), Excerpt A.mp3; Movement 3 (Renewal), Excerpt B (the ending).mp3

or to order offline AMERICAN PHOENIX, bass trombone (or tuba) & 4 perc., B375 $48.50 

CROSSROADS (2011) for 4-part trombone choir and 8 percussion by Howard J. Buss was written during the summer of 2011 and is dedicated to Tom Brantley and Robert McCormick. The University of South Florida Trombone Choir and Percussion Ensemble premiered it in Tampa, Florida on January 21, 2012 under the direction of Robert McCormick. The character of this music is strongly influenced by jazz and Latin music. The intriguing rhythms and soaring melodies combined with the implied theatre suggested by the staging, make this a sophisticated, yet accessible composition that is rewarding to perform and listen to. The four trombone parts may be performed with a quartet; however, it is desirable to have multiple players used on each part except in those areas where the score specifically specifies one player on a part for a particular passage. The unique instrumentation of this ensemble, combined with the prevalence of numerous colleges and universities that have trombone choirs and percussion ensembles, make this a concert work that is destined to become standard literature. "Somewhat contemporary sounding, with jazz and Latin influences, one's interest is held for the entirety. The two instrument families are well integrated throughout. Some sections are extremely lyrical in the percussion ensemble and rhythmic in the trombones, vice versa in others. This compositional technique allows for great clarity throughout the work. An enjoyable work for the performers and audience." -Susan Martin Tariq, Percussive Notes Magazine. (15’40”) Grade V. 
View at CROSSROADS YouTube Video
Additional Information: Percussion setup page.pdf   General notes and instructions.pdf   
Sound Samples: Excerpt_1.mp3, Excerpt_2.mp3, Excerpt_3.mp3, Excerpt_4.mp3
or to order offline CROSSROADS, full set (score and parts) B429 $68.50 
or to order offline CROSSROADS, Score only (for study or as an extra) B429S $22.00  
or to order offline CROSSROADS, Parts only B429P $46.50  

   DREAM SEQUENCE (1987) for trombone (or euphonium) and four percussion by Howard J. Buss was inspired by Carl Sagan’s poetic observation about dreams: “Late at night, when it is very still and the obligatory dreams have been dreamt, the gazelles and dragons begin to stir.” Subdued, mystical sections contrast with energetic and rhythmic episodes in a manner resembling a progression of dreams. Percussion distribution: Perc. 1: Marimba, celesta (muted orchestra bells may be substituted), suspended cymbal, claves, and 2 cow bells; Perc. 2: Vibes, maracas, bass drum and temple blocks; Perc. 3: Orchestra bells, guiro, and 2 suspended cymbals; Perc. 4: Chimes (tubular bells), bongos, wind chimes, tam-tam, triangle, and lion roar. “Worth programming and highly recommended.” - Percussive Notes
(10’)  Grade IV. View on YouTube 
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
or to order offline DREAM SEQUENCE, trombone (or euphonium) & 4 percussion, B316 $34.00 

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