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Flute in chamber music - trios:

ATLANTIC LEGEND (1983) for flute, viola & harpsichord by David Alpher evokes images of the craggy, rock bound coast of New England and the timeless lore of the North Atlantic. Although the instrumentation suggests a Baroque continuo sound, the musical material is exclusively 20th Century. (14’30”) Grade V. Atlantic Legend Sound Samples:
Excerpt, Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2.mp3

or to order offline ATLANTIC LEGEND flute, viola & harpsichord B102  $28.50

AWAKENING for alto flute, guitar & string bass by Howard Buss is a soulful composition that is strongly influenced by the jewish Klezmer idiom. The music moves from a mystical, contemplative opening to an energetic finale. The rich, velvety color of the alto flute lends itself to the spiritual nature of the music. Color is added to the ensemble with the use of wind chimes, finger cymbals, and finger rolls on the body of the string bass. This work is a memorable addition to any recital, and because of its spiritual nature, makes a wonderful musical offering in a house of worship. (7’) Grade IV.
for alto flute, guitar & string bass score sample (score in C): Opening.pdf
or to order offline AWAKENING for alto flute, guitar & string bass   B307A  $16.50 

CONSENSUS FENCES (1991) for flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet & string bass by Erik Lund. This energetic trio is a “must” for the advanced new music ensemble. Recorded on Opus One Records: CD164 by the Ciosone Trio. Sound Sample 1.mp3; Sound Sample 2.mp3  (10’30”) Grade VI.

or to order offline CONSENSUS FENCES flute/picc., cl.bass cl. & string bass B401  $28.50

 Constellations  cover
CONSTELLATIONS for flute, piano, and percussion (1 or 2 players) by Howard J. Buss is part of a series of compositions by the composer inspired by the awesome grandeur and beauty of the cosmos. The forward thrust, narrative quality, and colorful ambience of the music suggest the musicians are on a wondrous journey exploring a series of varied and colorful star systems. The juxtaposition between agitated chromatic passages and tonal, focused sections is analogous to the experience of viewing up-close, seemingly chaotic space "debris" (dust, rocks, gas, etc.) as contrasted with the beauty and exquisite organization of star systems viewed from afar. (13’15”) Grade V. B439 $36.00 YouTube performance
to order offline Constellations for flute, piano & percussion, B439 $36.00

DISTANT THUNDER (1977, renotated 2005) for flute, one percussion & piano by Roger Vogel is an exciting work consisting of two main parts. A slow, mysterious opening segment is followed by a faster, rhythmic section which develops the opening ideas and builds to a strong and memorable climax. Percussion: Timpani (4), triangle, snare drum, glockenspiel, and temple blocks. (5’15”) Grade V.

Excerpt 1(the opening).mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3
or to order offline DISTANT THUNDER flute, one percussion & piano B924 $20.00

FANTASIA (1988) for flute, clarinet & piano by Howard J. Buss. The musical material in this colorful composition moves gradually from the contemplative opening section to an intense and driving finish. The writing is fresh, and the music is full of vitality and vivid imagination. “A fabulous sonic journey.” - The Atlanta Constitution.  (7’30”) Grade V. Hear in its entirety: YouTube Video
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
or to order offline FANTASIA flute, clarinet & piano B319  $18.50

FUGUE AND POSTLUDE (1987,1995) for flute, bassoon & piano by Haskell Small combines a fugue, an older, more serious form of Baroque origin, with a thoroughly modern piece written in a free-wheeling, urban style of jazz. Regarding the contrasting characters of the two movements, the composer states, “The postlude includes a reference to the fugue’s subject, but cannot sustain a properly serious attitude, quickly dissolving back into jazz.” Haskell Small has been hailed by the Washington Post for his "rich imagination and assured mastery." The world premiere of Fugue and Postlude was performed on October 3, 1995 in Tokyo, Japan by flutist Yoshiko Ohta, Bassoonist Shigeru Ohta, and the composer on the piano. Recorded on the 4Tay Records CD “Twisted Pine Branch.”  (8’)  Grade V.
Sound Samples: Excerpt, movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, movement 2.mp3
or to order offline FUGUE AND POSTLUDE flute, bassoon & piano B605  $18.50 

GLACIAL VISTAS (2013) for flute, clarinet & one percussion by Howard J. Buss was inspired by the composer’s visit to Glacier National Park in Montana during the summer of 2011. The 3 picturesque movements, Dawn, On the Trail, and In the Realm of Twin Falls, capture the awe-inspiring grandeur and beauty of the rugged landscape. Glacial Vistas was composed during the winter of 2011-12 and is dedicated to flutist John Bailey. It was premiered on January 24, 2013 in the Kimball Recital Hall on the campus of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln by John Bailey, flute; Diane Barger, clarinet; and Anthony Falcone, percussion. (15’15”) Grade V-VI.
Sound Samples from a live performance: Movement 1 Excerpt.mp3; Movement 2 Excerpt .mp3; Movement 3 Excerpt 1 .mp3; Movement 3 Excerpt 2 (the ending).mp3  View on YouTube at: Glacial Vistas I. Dawn,  Glacial Vistas II. On the Trail, and  Glacial Vistas III. In the Realm of Twin Falls   
or to order offline GLACIAL VISTAS flute, clarinet & one percussion, B433 $36.00

KOREANA coverKOREANA (2015) for flute, clarinet and piano by Randall Snyder is a suite of traditional Korean folk songs harmonized in various Western styles. The gentle T’aryong was originally a movement from the monumental Yongsan Hoesang, an orchestral suite first notated in the 15th century. It was later adapted as the graceful Dance of the Crane. Han o baeng nyon is a folk song from the eastern province of Kangwondo (now divided between North and South Korea). Its existential lyrics speak of the transience of existence; even five hundred years is not enough time to fully experience life. The bluesy melody is harmonized in the style of Ravel. Arirang is the most well known of Korean melodies and exist in several distinct versions. This one, from Kyonggi Province around Seoul, features a pentatonic melody in a setting influenced by Aaron Copland. Sarag Ga is love song from a P’ansori, the uniquely Korean opera-like form performed by just a vocalist and single drummer. Its essentially monophonic texture is embellished with Neo-Classic dissonances and rhythms suggestive of Stravinsky. (6’50”) Grade IV. B817 $20.00
Sound samples: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3, Excerpt 3.mp3, Excerpt 4.mp3
or to order offline KOREANA (2015) for flute, clarinet & piano, B817 $20.00

NIGHT FLIGHT (1999) for piccolo, clarinet & piano by Howard J. Buss. This riveting work showcases the piccolo and clarinet, exploring their different registers and colors. It provides exciting contrasts between lyrical and technical sections. Night Flight was commissioned for the 1999 National Flute Association Convention in Atlanta and was premiered at the event by Rebecca Arrenson, piccolo; Robert E. Price, clarinet; & Paula Peace, piano. (9’) Grade V-VI. Recorded by Lois Herbine, piccolo; Allison Herz, clarinet; and Charles Abramovic, piano on the critically-acclaimed Crystal Records CD "TAKE WING", available at http://www.crystalrecords.com/flute.html#CD713.
Sound samples: Sound Sample#1.mp3; Sound Sample#2.mp3; Sound Sample#3.mp3

or to order offline NIGHT FLIGHT piccolo, clarinet & piano    B363  $18.50

REMEMBRANCES (2000) for flute, cello & piano by Howard J. Buss is a lyrical, enjoyable work written in an appealing modern style. It was written immediately following the death of the composer's 97-year-old grandmother. Rather than being a somber memorial or musical epitaph, this charming and melodious composition is a celebration of life. The character of the opening section is contemplative. Gradually the music becomes more animated and Remembrances finishes in a spirit of buoyant optimism. (8’) Grade IV. B366 $18.50  Score sample: Excerpt.pdf
or to order offline REMEMBRANCES flute, cello & piano B366 $18.50

ROMANCE AND CAPRICE (2004) for flute/piccolo, alto flute and piano by Howard J. Buss. The hauntingly beautiful first movement is followed by a dramatic “tour de force” hugely influenced by jazz. (9’40”) Grade V-VI. Sound Sample Mov.#1.mp3; Sound Sample Mov.#2.mp3
View on YouTube

or to order offline ROMANCE AND CAPRICE flute/piccolo, alto flute & piano B385 $22.00

SAINT FRANCIS AND THE ANIMALS for flute, clarinet, and harp by Howard J. Buss is a tribute to St. Francis of Assisi, the venerated Catholic friar, preacher, founder of several Orders, and lover of animals and the environment. It is in 2 movements, The Birds, and The Wolf. This work musically portrays two of the many well-known stories of how Saint Francis communicated with animals. Saint Francis and the Animals was commissioned by Kathleen Jones for ClarinetFest 2013 in Assisi, Italy.  (11’30”)
Grade V.  B434   $28.50
Sound Samples: Movement I, excerpt 1.mp3; Movement 1, excerpt 2.mp3; Movement II, excerpt 1.mp3; Movement II, excerpt 2.mp3; Movement II, excerpt 3.mp3
Videos on YouTube: I. The Birds, and II. The Wolf 
or to order offline SAINT FRANCIS AND THE ANIMALS flute, clarinet & harp B434  $28.50

SUITE TIME (1974) for flute, clarinet & bassoon by Zack Browning in 4 movements: Imaginary Time, Real Time, Easy Time, and Hard Time. As the "tongue-in- cheek" titles of the work and movements suggest, this is a work that is both fun to play and listen to. Written in a conservative yet fanciful modern style, there is a charming balance between unity and contrast throughout. This is a real audience pleaser! Grade IV. (11’)
Sound samples: Excerpt, Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2.mp3;
Excerpt, Movement 3.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 4.mp3
or to order offline SUITE TIME flute, clarinet & bassoon  B204  $18.50   

TENNESSEE SUITE (2001) for flute, viola & piano by Howard J. Buss is based upon the composer’s visit to the Smoky Mountains, in 4 picturesque movements: Mystic Dawn, Treetop Capers, Cades Cove and The Trail to Abrams Falls. Written for Shelley Binder. (13’) Grade V.
Sound Samples:
Excerpt, Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2 (the ending).mp3;
Excerpt, Movement 3.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 4.mp3

View on YouTube: I. Mystic Dawn,   II. Treetop Capers, III. Cades Cove, and IV. The Trail to Abrams Falls   

or to order offline TENNESSEE SUITE flute, viola & piano, B370  $28.50

TRIO for flute, cello & piano by Haskell Small is in 3 movements: Allegro non-troppo, Andante, and Allegro molto energico " Haskell Small has been hailed by the Washington Post for his "rich imagination and assured mastery." Recorded on the CD 25 Preludes: A Musical Odyssey (Northeastern Classical Arts NR 242-CD) by Virginia Nanzetta, flute; Douglas Wolters, cello; and Haskell Small, piano. (10') Grade V.
Sound Samples: Sample Movement 1.mp3;Sample Movement 2.mp3; Sample Movement 3.mp3
or to order offline TRIO flute, cello & piano, B604  $18.50

TURBULENT TIMES for flute oboe & bassoon by Howard J. Buss was composed during 2009, a time when The Great Recession held its powerful grip much of the world, and uncertainty continued to build within American society.  There was a general sense that the prosperity of the past may never return, and that the future may bring even more hardships. As the seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wore on, many did not expect peace to return in the foreseeable future. Yet, life went on. The music of Turbulent Times suggests the ebb and flow of the intense uncertainty felt by many with the more pleasant aspects of everyday life. Following the lyrical and plaintive introduction, stormy passages give way to sections of relative tranquility, only to reappear. (11’) B423 Grade V. $18.50
Sound Samples: Excerpt_1.mp3; Excerpt_2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4.mp3 - Score Sample.pdf
or to order offline TURBULENT TIMES flute, oboe & bassoon  Grade VI. $18.50  

TWO CAPRICES (2007) for flute, oboe & marimba by Howard Buss is a rousing showpiece in two engaging movements. Evocation moves from the mysterious opening to a beautiful extended section in a pensive mood. Romp features beautiful lyricism and spirited rhythms with a Latin flare. Two Caprices was composed for Amy Collins, oboe; Kim McCormick, flute; and Robert McCormick, marimba and was premiered by Ms. Collins and the McCormick Duo at the International Double Reed Society Conference hosted by Ithaca College (NY) in June 2007. (10:30) Grade VI.  YouTube video
Sound Samples: Movement 1, Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Movement 2, Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3
or to order offline TWO CAPRICES flute, oboe & marimba, B411  $22.00

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Index of Flute Publications:
Solo flute - unaccompanied
Flute with one other instrument, or voice, or electronic recording
(includes flute & piano)
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Flute in chamber music - quartets
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