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Index of Clarinet Music:
Solo clarinet - unaccompanied
Clarinet with one other instrument or voice
(includes clarinet duos, clarinet & piano, basset horn & piano, etc.)
Clarinet ensembles
(includes clarinet trios, quartets, choirs)
Clarinet or bass clarinet solo with percussion ensemble
Clarinet in chamber music - trios
Clarinet in chamber music - quartets
(includes standard woodwind quartets)
Clarinet in chamber music - quintets and sextets
(includes standard wind quintets)

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Solo clarinet - unaccompanied:
“7 Vignettes” (1986) for solo clarinet by Howard J. Buss. These colorful musical scenes from the city are excellent study and recital pieces. Each movement is given a title which depicts an occurrence which the composer experienced one day in 1982 during a visit to New York City. The movements are Another Sunrise (based upon an early morning excursion to Central Park to witness the rising of the sun over the buildings); Off to a Busy Day (driving in heavy traffic, zigzagging around to avoid "crazy" drivers); The Lost Key Episode (the composer lost his car keys, but the key of the music is lost too); The Waitin' in Line Blues (an actual blues progression during which the performer alternates between playing with a straight tone and a heavy, obnoxious "corny" vibrato to show frustration at being stuck in a slow-moving line); Romantic Interlude (a beautiful, melodious and flowing waltz); Sudden Storm (getting caught up in a raging thunderstorm); and Out on the Town (has a cheerful Latin feel and breaks into swing as it reaches its climax). "Tonal, charming and imaginative! The low purchase price and the incisive approach of a skilled composer make this a piece ”- PMEA News (10’)  Grade IV.  
Sound Sample: Movement 2, Off to A Busy Day.mp3

or to order offline A DAY IN THE CITY solo clarinet, B302  $6.95

CANTICLES OF SAINT FRANCIS for solo clarinet by Howard J. Buss is a tribute St. Francis of Assisi, the venerated Catholic friar, preacher, founder of several Orders, and lover of animals and the environment. Canticles is in 4 movements, Prelude, Worldly Pleasures, Meditation, and A Blessed Legacy. It showcases the sonic beauty and technically agility of the clarinet. The character of the music ranges from soulful introspection to worldly exuberance. At the opening of the first movement and near the close of the last, sounds a four-note melodic fragment, G, F, D, and B, which is derived from St. Francis’ name at birth, Giovanni Francesco di Bernadone. This device is used sparingly so that when it does appear, it is given special prominence. Canticles of Saint Francis was composed during the fall of 2012 and was commissioned by clarinetist Kathleen Jones for ClarinetFest 2013 in Assisi, Italy. (6’20”) Grade V. B435  $8.95
Sound Samples: Movement 1 excerpt.mp3; Movement 2 excerpt.mp3; Movement 3 excerpt.mp3; Movement 4 excerpt.mp3
or to order offline CANTICLES OF SAINT FRANCIS for solo clarinet, B435  $8.95

LUNAR VISTAS (2005) for solo bass clarinet by Howard J. Buss, written for Edward Palanker (Baltimore Symphony), is cast in three colorful and picturesque movements: The Far Side, Eclipse, and Panorama. In the first movement forte melodic flourishes contrast with quiet phrases as to suggest the dramatic moonscape of the mysterious part of the moon only visible from spacecraft. Eclipse is animated, rhythmically intriguing, and suspenseful. The final movement, Panorama,is characterized by exciting, fiery sections juxtaposed with two short cadenza-like passages. Lunar Vistas received its premier performance on on October 9, 2005 by Mr. Palanker at An Die Musik in Baltimore, Maryland. This new and significant work is destined to become a staple in the repertoire for the bass clarinet. (7’) Grade V. 
Score sample: Movement 1.pdf

or to order offline LUNAR VISTAS solo bass clarinet, B399  $6.95

NOCTURNE (1982) for solo clarinet by Howard J. Buss. This beautiful work explores subtle changes of mood and color. Although emotions are relatively controlled in the context of the wide pitch and dynamic ranges, there are a few instances in which that control gives way to more animated and intense passages. Only towards the end of the work, in the Cadenza, is lyricism momentarily replaced by a fiery outburst. Nocturne concludes with a reflective and somewhat breathless version of the opening theme. (3’30”) Grade IV-V. B328 $4.95 Score sample: Excerpt.pdf
or to order offline NOCTURNE solo clarinet, B328 $4.95
SANTIAGO LEGEND (1996) for solo clarinet by Howard J. Buss this tribute to the world-renown Chilean clarinetist and instrument maker, Luis Rossi, was designed to showcase the expressive and technical capabilities of the distinct registers of the clarinet. Beautiful lyrical lines contrast with rhythmic and dramatic passages. If you are looking for an impressive unaccompanied piece for an important recital, audition, or just for the fun of it- this is it! (6’) Grade V.
Santiago Legend Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3 (722KB); Excerpt 2.mp3 (1.1MB); Excerpt 3 (1.2MB)

or to order offline SANTIAGO LEGEND solo clarinet, B355  $8.95
THREE Euphonics for solo bass clarinetTHREE EUPHONICS FOR SOLO BASS CLARINET (2014) by Howard J. Buss showcases the agility and beautiful, sonorous tone of the instrument. Ranging from lyric tenderness to powerful (and sometimes fiery) technical displays, the three short movements, Moods, Lyrique, and Breakout, explore a wide range of sonic atmospheres and moods. The sophisticated musical language, coupled with the soaring melodies and intriguing rhythms, make this an entertaining, audience-friendly concert work as well as an impressive contest piece. Three Euphonics for Solo Bass Clarinet is dedicated to clarinetist, Keith Koons, Professor at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. (5’40”) Grade V. B427BC  $10.00
Sound Samples: Excerpt_1.mp3; Excerpt_2.mp3: Excerpt_3.mp3
or to order offline THREE EUPHONICS FOR SOLO BASS CLARINET B427BC  $10.00

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